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Safe Harbor Games "On-Line" ( 7 & 5 point matches, Venmo required for entry fees. Reservations required. $20.00 entry fee with two chances to cash We cannot accept "late players"

We are playing ONLINE each Wednesday at 6:00 PM (email me if interested) NON-PLAYING DARK DATES: (2021)

EVERY SUNDAY AFTERNOON, START of play at 1:00 PM Safe Harbor Games "On-Line" ( 7 & 5 point matches, Venmo required for entry fees. Reservations required. $20.00 entry fee with two chances to cash We cannot accept "late players"

We are playing ONLINE each Sunday at 1:00 PM (email me if interested) NON-PLAYING DARK DATES: (2021) But we are NOT playing Sunday 06-13-21 due to the L.A.OPEN And we are NOT playing Sunday 06-20-21 due to FATHER's Day

Gammon Associates large events
2019 schedule:

JUNE 4-7, 2020 LOS ANGELES OPEN L.A., CA; 818/901-0464 --ABT event at the HILTON hotel at LAX SEP. 19-20, 2020 VIETOR CUP (Invitational); Carlsbad, CA; 818/901-0464 DEC.4-7 2020 CALIFORNIA STATE CHAMPIONSHIP; L.A., CA; 818/901-0464 --ABT event at the HILTON hotel at LAX _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

-- DOWNLOAD brochure (click here)-- 2019 CA STATE _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________


DEC. 5-8, 2019

Venue: The HILTON Hotel Los Angeles Airport 5711 West Century Boulevard Los Angeles, CA 90045 Reservations: 1.800.HILTONS or 310.410.4000

GAMMON ASSOCIATES (82nd Invitational)

Previous "OPEN" Winners 1st Jay Frydman (1981) 2nd Dimitrios Kontopides(1982) 3rd Faramarz Borna 4th Gaby Horowitz (1983) 5th Faramarz Borna 6th Bijan Ashkan 7th Steve Goldman (1984) 8th Grigore Harutunian 9th Mike Thunstrom (1985) 10th Bahman Fathi 11th Bob Glass (1986) 12th Norm Wiggins 13th Joe Russell (1987) 14th Ron Bruns 15th Elli Nache 16th Sean Howard (1988) 17th Peter Zacks 18th Rageb Shadallah 19th Farzan Garmroodi (1989) 20th Bob Glass 21st Neil Kazaross (1990) 22nd Steve Sax 23rd Ray Baker 24th Ebby Mossanen (1991) 25th Paul Gedigian 26th Gene Chait 27th Al Demirjian (1992) 28th Scott McKenzie 29th Woody Woodson (1993) 30th Joe Harris 31st Dave Williams (1994) 32nd Rudy Citrom 33rd Odis Chenault (1995) 34th Dave Williams 35th Joe Russell 36th Ernest Ho (1996) 37th Odis Chenault 38th Doug Mayfield (1997) 39th Norm Wiggins 40th Steve Sax 41st Doug Mayfield (1998) 42nd Tom Zarrinnam 43rd Jeff Burdsall (1999) 44th Odis Chenault 45th Mike Ungerleider (2000) 46th Mike Sharp 47th Bob Wachtel (2001) 48th Sho Sengoku 49th Ray Fogerlund (2002) 50th Norm Wiggins 51st Mike Ungerleider (2003) 52nd Art Grater 53rd Wayne Jeffcoat (2004) 54th Jona Alexander (2004)(California State Championship) 55th Jason Lee (2005)(Los Angeles OPEN) 56th Stepan Nuniyants (2005)(California State Championship) 57th Bob Glass (2006)(Los Angeles OPEN) 58th Ken Fischer (2006)(California State Championship) 59th Bart Brooks (2007)(Los Angeles OPEN) 60th Adrian Costa (2007)(California State Championship) 61st Ray Fogerlund (2008)(Los Angeles OPEN) 62nd Hugh Sconyers (2008)(California State Championship) 63rd Ray Fogerlund (2009)(Los Angeles OPEN) 64th Joe Russell (2009)(California State Championship) 65th Richard Munitz (2010)(Los Angeles OPEN) 66th Malcolm Davis (2010)(California State Championship) 67th Harvey Gillis (2011)(Los Angeles OPEN) 68th Todd Crosner (2011)(California State Championship) 69th Howard Markowitz (2012)(Los Angeles OPEN) 70th Steve Sax (2012)(California State Championship) 71st Ed O'Laughlin (2013)(Los Angeles OPEN) 72nd Ray Fogerlund (2013)(California State Championship) 73rd Ray Fogerlund (2014)(Los Angeles OPEN) 74th Odis Chenault (2014)(California State Championship) 75th Cliff Pappas (2015)(Los Angeles OPEN) 76th Al Hodis (2015)(California State Championship) 77th Paul Baraz (2016)(Los Angeles OPEN) 78th Steve Sax (2016)(California State Championship) 79th Steve Sax (2017)(California State Championship) 80th Ernest Ho (2018)(Los Angeles OPEN) 81st Farhad Kamani (2018)(California State Championship) 82nd Bob Glass (2019)(Los Angeles OPEN) ______________________________________________________________________

Gammon Associates' is a group of backgammon players that compete weekly for prizes and master points. The weekly tournaments are randomly drawn matches of 5 or 7-points in length. They are single elimination events that accommodate re-entries into the first and second rounds. We use the U.S.Backgammon Tournament Rules including the "doubling cube". The game of backgammon is several thousand years old, with its origins in several civilizations (Persian, Egyp- tian and Indian archaeological evidence). The Persians call it "shesh besh", the Turkish and Farsi words for "6-5". "Master points" are accumulated all year long, with the top-16 highest point winners being invited to compete in the "Tournament of Champions". Please come visit us to either observe or to join in --our "face to face" competitions allow for the skill of strategies and the luck of the dice.

VIETOR CUP Invitational SEPTEMBER 2018 (Carlsbad, CA)

Hot Link: Jon Vietor (artist & host) is proud to present his latest release of fine art originals

Previous Winners 1962 Juan de Sanz 1963 Barclay Cooke 1964 Gordon Leib 1965 Richard Osborne 1966 Barclay Cooke 1967 Paul A. Miller 1968 John A. Vietor 1969 Theodore Bassett III 1970 Juan de Sanz 1971 Claude Beer 1972 John Lucan 1973 Nicolos Toumanov 1974 Barclay Cooke 1975 Porter Ijams 1976 Alfred Dupont Dent 1977 Porter Ijams 1978 Alfred Dupont Dent 1979 Barclay Cooke 1980 Barclay Cooke 1981 Barclay Cooke -------resurrected in 2000------- 2000 Odis Chenault 2001 Sho Sengoku 2002 Bob Glass 2003 Bob Glass 2004 Eliot Bean 2005 John Rockwell 2006 Steve Sax 2007 Dennis Rutkowski 2008 Simon Reeves 2009 Jason Lee 2010 Mark Andrus 2011 Ray Fogerlund 2012 Ernest Ho 2013 Steve Sax 2014 Bob Glass 2015 Ray Fogerlund 2016 Michael Ungerleider 2017 Odis Chenault 2018 Robert Wachtel ____________________________________________________________ Backgammon Tournament by invitation 'only'. Continue the tradition started in 1962 by Jon's father. The winner's name will be added to the perpetual trophy.