History of Final Standings for Player-of-the-Year

G/A "(most recent 15 years)"--

G/A "Player-of-the-Year" for 2022--Ergin Bayrak-- and for 2021--Gus Contos & Patrick Gibson--

Points2022 ResultsPoints2021 Results
97Ergin Bayrak94Gus Contos
87Patrick Gibson94Patrick Gibson
79Steve Sax93Steve Sax
74Maseis Petrosian77Frank Ley
65Gus Contos62Clarine

G/A "Player-of-the-Year" for 2020--John Isaac-- and for 2019--Ergin Bayrak--

Points2020 ResultsPoints2019 Results
93John Isaac111Ergin Bayrak
88Patrick Gibson87Maeis Petrosian
80Ergin Bayrak81Alex Eshaghian
78Gus Contos70Patrick Gibson
75Steve Sax62John Isaac
----62Steve Sax

G/A "(earlier 20 years)"--

G/A "Player-of-the-Year" for 2018--Maeis Petrosian-- and for 2017--Ergin Bayrak--

Points2018 ResultsPoints2017 Results
120Maeis Petrosian108Ergin Bayrak
113Patrick Gibson94Alan Martin
94Ergin Bayrak90Val Ovespyan
70Bud Lavassani79Patrick Gibson
69Val Ovespyan79John Isaac

G/A "Player-of-the-Year" for 2016--Alan Martin-- and for 2015--Alan Martin--

Points2016 ResultsPoints2015 Results
122Alan Martin116Alan Martin
115Patrick Gibson114Patrick Gibson
85Ergin Bayrak91Maeis Petrosian
73Steve Sax81Kolya Mosoyan
65John Isaac59Ergin Bayrak
65Bud Lavassani

G/A "Player-of-the-Year" for 2014--Steve Sax-- and for 2013--Steve Sax--

Points2014 ResultsPoints2013 Results
117Steve Sax123Steve Sax
116Alan Martin104Patrick Gibson
110Patrick Gibson91Alan Martin
107John Rockwell81John Rockwell
74Kolya Mosoyan59John Prato

G/A "Player-of-the-Year" for 2012--Patrick Gibson-- and for 2011--Frank Ley--

Points2012 ResultsPoints2011 Results
111Patrick Gibson107Frank Ley
92Justin Nunez106Patrick Gibson
81John Rockwell102John Rockwell
79Steve Sax84Steve Sax
76Frank Ley82Azzam Masarani

G/A "Player-of-the-Year" for 2010--George Haskour----------- and for 2009 --Steve Sax--

Points2010 ResultsPoints2009 Results
125George Haskour127Steve Sax
109Scott Evans114Patrick Gibson
103Steve Sax109George Haskour
101Justin Nunez96Jona Alexander
92John Rockwell95Azzam Masarani

G/A "Player-of-the-Year" -- for 2008 Justin Nunez and for 2007 -- Justin Nunez

Points2008 ResultsPoints2007 Results
150Justin Nunez134Justin Nunez
118Jona Alexander114Azzam Masarani
103John Rockwell98Patrick Gibson
102Patrick Gibson86Jona Alexander
93Frank Ley81Frank Ley
93Azzam Masarani

G/A "Player of the Year" for 2006 -- John Rockwell and for 2005 -- Jim Wark

Points2006 ResultsPoints2005 Results
104John Rockwell103Jim Wark
98Patrick Gibson101J.P. Deleurme
97Jona Alexander97Azzam Masarani
78Ran Bartov87Patrick Gibson
77A.Masarani/J.Nunez82Jona Alexanders

G/A "Player of the Year" for 2004 -- Frank Ley and for 2003 -- Azzam Masarani

Points2004 ResultsPoints2003 Results
103Frank Ley140Azzam Masarani
94Azzam Masarani139Art Moore
90John Rockwell105Patrick Gibson
84Patrick Gibson104Steve Sax
83Judy Collins83Judy Collins

G/A "Player of the Year" for 2002 -- Rudy Citrom and for 2001 -- Steve Sax

Points2002 ResultsPoints2001 Results
113Rudy Citrom146Steve Sax
108Judy Collins101Art Moore
99Azzam Masarani92Judy Collins
92Patrick Gibson84Patrick Gibson
83Karim Jahangard74Rudy Citrom

G/A "Player of the Year" for 2000 -- Steve Sax and for 1999 -- Steve Sax

Points2000 ResultsPoints1999 Results
145Steve Sax155Steve Sax
131Patrick Gibson105Rudy Citrom
83Art Moore91Azzam Masarani
81Azzam Masarani90Patrick Gibson
62Dave Williams78Judy Collins

G/A "Player of the Year" for 1998 -- Azzam Masarani and for 1997 -- Patrick Gibson

Points1998 ResultsPoints1997 Results
132Azzam Masarani126Patrick Gibson
112Steve Sax98Steve Sax
103Mike Ungerleider97Azzam Masarani
98Patrick Gibson79Norm Wiggins
75Paul Gedigian67Barry Corchnoy

Points1996 ResultsPoints1995 Results
139Jona Alexander113Jona Alexander
89Azzam Masarani107Bob Glass
59Jerry Hays99Patrick Gibson
58Patrick Gibson84Todd Crosner
58Bob Glass69Azzam Masarani

Points1994 ResultsPoints1993 Results
130Azzam Masarani93Art Benjamin
112Dave Williams93Ray Fogerlund
92Patrick Gibson91Patrick Gibson
72Art Benjamin69Dave Williams
70Mike Ungerleider68Jona Alexander

Points1992 ResultsPoints1991 Results
96Azzam Masarani53Patrick Gibson
80Patrick Gibson43Art Benjamin
76Art Benjamin42Ray Fogerlund
70Peter Zacks35Dave Williams
53Dave Williams32Jerry Hays

G/A "Player of the Year" for 1990 -- Art Benjman and for 1989 -- Ray Fogerlund

Points1990 ResultsPoints1989 Results
54Art Benjamin42Ray Fogerlund
50Bahman Fathi39Patrick Gibson
49Patrick Gibson38Norik Nazarian
48Ray Fogerlund31Richard Cartozian
42Dave Williams29Norm Wiggins

Points1988 ResultsPoints1987 Results
38Rudy Citrom32Rudy Citrom
37Norik Nazarian32Patrick Gibson
34Mike Thunstrom25Zamir Rahmani
33Richard Cartozian22Art Caplan
33Patrick Gibson22Chuck Giallanza
22Norik Nazarian

Points1986 Results
79Norbert Barrone
52Bahman Fathi
49Barry Corchnoy
45Patrick Gibson
40Dave Williams
(no more)