Gammon Associates' MASTER POINTS January 2009 The number of rounds won in a tournament, determine the number of points accrued, starting from a 3-round event. A bonus of an additional point is given to the winner of 5-rounds or more. Thus: In an event of: Winner 2nd Place 3/4th Place 5/8th Place 3 rounds (5-8 players) 1 -0- -0- -0- 4 rounds (9-16 players) 2 -1- -0- -0- 5 rounds (17-32 players) 4 2 1 each -0- 6 rounds (33-64 players) 5 3 2 each 1 each In addition for G/A weekly events, we award bonus-points for the 'last playing' date for each venue (Wednesday and Sunday) of the month. E.g. on the last Wednesday (played) of a month, we give an extra 3-2-1-1 points to the top four finishers; therefore if a 6-round event, the points awarded are 8-5-3-3-1-1-1-1; or if it is a 5-round event, then the points are 7-4-2-2-1-1-1-1. See the "Wednesday_Sunday Y-T-D" menu-option to explain one use of MASTER POINTS. NOTE: we 'drag' $1 for each round played in the month ($5 or $6 from a tournament) from the prize monies; these total dollars (typically $40-50) are paid out to the player who has accumulated the most Master Points for that month. In addition, we drag another $5-12 per weekly event that is accumulated for the TOURNAMENT OF CHAMPIONS (TOC) event that is played February of the following year (typically around $900). Invites to the TOC go to the top 16 players, based on Master Points, from each venue (Wed./Sun.)
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