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December 2017 California State Championship (GA79)
December 2016 California State Championship (GA78)
December 2015 California State Championship (GA76)

Ergin Bayrak with 12 Master Points won the SEPTEMBER point's race. Our 2019 Master Pointís race is continuing, with Ergin being followed by Maeis, Alex and the rest of us. To see the details: (Choose menu item -- 'Year-to-Date Points'). ** We had one first time winner this month, Robert Baradrian. Congratulations to all the master point winners!

Results for: Gammon Associates' CALIFORNIA STATE CHAMPIONSHIP Backgammon Tournament Dec. 1-2-3, 2017

held at: HILTON Hotel (LAX) Los Angeles, California

--Final RESULTS (click here)-- 2017 CA State CHMP

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December 2017 California State Championship (GA79)

RESULTS of: Gammon Associates' VIETOR CUP, Invitational September 2018

held at: Jon Vietor's Home Carlsbad, California ----R E S U L T S ---- 26 players ($300 entry) Swiss format Record 1st 8-2 Robert Wachtel El Segundo, CA 2nd 7-3 Ray Fogerlund Las Vegas, NV 2nd 7-3 Ergin Bayrak Los Angeles, CA 2nd 7-3 Dorn Bishop San Diego, CA 2nd 7-3 Allan Tish San Diego, CA 2018 Winner--Robert Wachtel
SEPT 2016 VIETOR CUP --full album (Choose Slideshow)

2019's will be at the VIETOR residence in Carlsbad, CA
SEPT 2015 VIETOR CUP --full album (Choose Slideshow)

At our Weekly Tournaments we award Master Points to prize winners. In addition, Bonus Point tournaments (an extra 3,2,& 1 points are added on) are the last playing Wednesday & Sunday each month. In those events, the Master Points are 8,5,3,3,1,1,1,1 for 1st thru 8th (or 7,4,2,2,1,1,1,1) depending on the number of rounds played (6 or 5).
NOTE: The top 16 players, from each venue, at year-end will be invited to the "Tournament of 2013 Champions" on February 9th, 2014. For those who qualify at both locations, they will receive a bye into round-2.
Tournament of 2017 Champions (held February 2018): Cus Contos overcame five opponents to win our 'Tournament of 2017 Champions'. This event is by invitation only and consists of the top-16 players (from each of our two weekly venues) based on Master Points achieved during those weekly tournaments throughout 2017. In the early years it was only the top-16, (e.g total points) across both venues. However starting in 2004, we modified our selection criteria. Since we hold two weekly events and some players only play on Sunday or only on Wednesday, we decided to level the playing field. We began tracking the top-16 from each location. If at year-end, a player qualified in both locations, s/he receives a bye into round two of the Tournament-of-200x-Champions. For 2017, We had 18 players who started in round-one and 7 more who received byes into round-two.
TOURNAMENT OF 2017 CHAMPIONS: Our top-16 players from both venues (Wednesday & Sunday) qualified to play in the TOC. Held at the B B SAARA, Feb. 11, 2018. The results were: 1st Gus Contos 2nd David Taniguchi 3/4 Art Benjamin 3/4 John Rockwell
2017 TOP-16 at year end -from each venue