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[from prior to 2006.]
2005 TOP-25 & PLAYER-of-the-YEAR

Top-25 Players for 2005
Left to Right: PatrickG,SaulM,JimW,PaulM,JudyC,CeciP,JohnR,DavidT,MikeU,BruceD,SteveS,NormW,HaykH, JohnP,FrankL,DanConstantin,BobG,MickeyL,ZevV,MaeisP,JonaA,RudyC,AzzamM,J.P.Deleurme,MichaelS

G/A "Player of the Year for 2005" -- Jim Wark

Tournament-of-2005-Champions (Jan. 2006)

Winner __ Patrick Gibson

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VIETOR CUP Sept. 2005 (choose SLIDESHOW)



VIETOR CUP Sept. 2004 (choose SLIDESHOW)


G/A 52nd DECEMBER 2003 (choose SLIDESHOW)

G/A 51st JUNE 2003 Invitational

Nov. 2003 Riviera Vegas Pro/Am & OPEN

Sept. 2003 VIETOR CUP

JULY 2003 Michigan Summer Championships

Armbruster Fri 13th, JUNE 2003

Armbruster Fri 13th DEC. 2002

G/A 50th Invitational DEC. 2002

Sept. 2002 VIETOR CUP

G/A 49th Invitational APR. 2002

NOV. 2001 Harrah's Vegas

Dec. 2001 Cancun, Mexico -Ritz-Carlton

G/A 48th Invitational NOV. 2001

Sept. 2001 VIETOR CUP

G/A 47th Invitational APR. 2001

G/A 46th Invitational NOV. 2000

G/A 45th Invitational APR. 2000


MARCH 2000 Pro/Am

FEB.1999 Pro/Am at the RIO Hotel in Vegas

APR.1999 Four Queens Las Vegas

OCT.1999 Harrah's Las Vegas

G/A 44th Invitational DEC. 1999

G/A 43rd Invitational DEC. 1999

G/A 42nd Invitational DEC. 1998

G/A 41st Invitational MAY 1998

G/A 38th Invitational APR. 1997

Top-16 Players for 1996
At Mo's: L-to-R: John Prato, Patrick Gibson, Reza Daryabegi, Gregg Smith, Mike Thunstrom,
Ceci Pedroza, Mike Ungerleider, Azzam Masarani, Ray Fogerlund, Joe Russell, Jerry Hays,
Art Benjamin, Bob Glass, Norm Wiggins, Jona Alexander, & Paul Gedigian
G/A 37th Invitational DEC. 1996

G/A 35th Invitational DEC. 1995

1994 TOP-16 & PLAYER-of-the-YEAR

Top-16 Players for 1994 ((missing Paul Gedigian)
Row-1: Gus Contos, Mike Ungerleider, Jerry Hays, Peter Zacks, Art Benjamin, Dave Williams
Row-2: Ceci Pedroza, Paul Ladanyi, Azzam Masarani, Rudy Citrom, Larry Deckel, John Prato
Row-3: Ray Fogerlund, Bob Glass, Patrick Gibson

G/A "Player of the Year for 1994" -- Azzam Masarani

G/A 33rd Invitational MAR. 1995

G/A 29th Invitational FEB. 1994

Top-16 Players for 1992 (missing Paul Gedigian)
Richard Cartozian, Peter Zacks, Norik N.(hidden), Clarine, Rudy Citrom, Ray Baker,
Jerry Hays, Ray Fogerlund, Jona Alexander, Patrick Gibson, Norm Wiggins, Azzam Masarani
Jeff Grundy, Art Benjamin, & John Prato.

G/A 24th Invitational MAR. 1991

G/A 23rd Invitational SEP. 1990

G/A 22nd Invitational MAY 1990

G/A 21st Invitational MAR. 1990

G/A 20th Invitational NOV. 1989

VIETOR CUP 2006, September in La Jolla, CA

VIETOR CUP September 23-24, 2006: We had 22 players travel to La Jolla, California to play in the 27th edition of the VIETOR CUP at Jon Vietor's beautiful home across the street form the La Jolla Cove park and beach. We again played the CUP using the INDY Swiss Movement (created by Butch Meese and his team from the Hoosier Backgammon Club in Indianapolis, Indiana). Swiss movement for 6 rounds, players playing opponents of "like records" (e.g. 2-0 vs 2-0 and 1-1 vs 1-1). After the 6th round, we then converted to an elimination format to determine the final two money winners in both a MAIN and CONSOLATION bracket. The results of the VIETOR CUP:
MAIN: Steve Sax besting Tom Fahland in the finals. CONSOLATION: Nick Maffeo besting Ron Bruns in the finals. We used Digital Clocks throughout all the matches (9-points) in order to keep the event to a reasonable time schedule (only two days to play 11 rounds of matches). To see the Photo Album, click on the following URL.
VIETOR CUP Sept. 2006 (choose SLIDESHOW)

Photo Album of the VIETOR CUP Sept. 2006

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American Backgammon Tour

2002 ABT 1st Place -- Steve Sax

the "mfic" himself

Backgammon set (gif)